• Michael Bury

Do You "System Update" Yourself?

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Computers are very good at reminding us to install new OS updates.

That's how they're programmed. Unfortunately, we're not. Busy jobs and demanding family schedules take over our lives so that we forget to make time for our own personal "system updates".

So how do you reboot?

First, identify the areas in your life that need immediate, short term, and long term change.

Next, write these areas down. This may sound overly simplistic, but putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard is the first crucial step to creating your own personal updates.

Once you've identified the areas, break down the steps required to achieve each change. For some, it may be going to the gym twice a week. For others, it may be carving out time to read a good book. Make a list. Create a spreadsheet. Whatever works best for you. As long as it is written down.

And now, the critical part. Create a system through which you can measure how consistently you are running your personal updates. Why? Very simple. What gets measured, gets done. On average, it takes about two months before a new behavior becomes automatic. You need to track your performance.

Another reason to measure your performance is to help you reflect by yourself or with a coach to see what is getting in your way. More often than not, minor adjustments will be required to make sure your personal update system continues to work for you.

Bottom line? By sitting down and creating measurable accountability which you can review, you will be able to achieve your goals today instead of waiting for next January to try again.

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