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From Our Clients:  



From the start, Michael helped me untangle the web of issues that I was having. His soft spoken, patience and easy going manner has alleviated the stress that I was having from the start and Michael was able to see through the issues that I was being confronted with. Michael provided step by step guidance and practical advice, throughout my mentorship. Michael was able to successfully allow me to focus clearly on my priorities and to make a plan to assist me with how to untangle this web of issues. His solution and strategies were simple, but yet, practical and has allowed me to get back on track and focus on what I intended to do from the start. 


Legal Professional, Toronto

The coaching sessions I received from Michael were a success. Before starting, I felt quite stressed, anxious and frustrated (both financially and emotionally) with where I stood career-wise. Michael helped me in numerous ways. He looked over my resume/cover letter, assisted me in devising a future business plan and gave me useful feedback regarding the different approaches I was taking to reach my goals. I found Michael's coaching style to be quite empowering; I felt more confident in my abilities and more motivated after each session. His brainstorming techniques were really useful too. I have finally gained reasonable employment and got my foot-in-the-door after working with him. Just as planned, I intend to get myself in a better financial/professional situation from this opportunity, so I can reach my other, bigger business goals down the road. I recommend his services to anyone in need of an experienced, compassionate and motivating coach. Not only is he a great professional, he has true/genuine care for the ones he assists. 


Legal Professional, Toronto



I met Michael Bury when I was trying to find employment as a Licensed Paralegal while working with a job developer hired by the Government of Ontario. For more than twelve months, I worked with two different job coaches and an entrepreneur coach without any success.  Michael gave me practical advice concerning what options were available to me.  He assisted me with figuring out the pros and cons of an employment vs self-employment.  He provided solutions to areas where I felt limited because of my disability.  He provided me with solutions to marketing two viable businesses, showing me the strengths I have in both types of businesses.  He made me see that I was the one holding myself back and provided solutions on how I could resolve these issues.  Today I have two separate firms and currently building my clientele with much thanks to Michael Bury and his experience and knowledge. His coaching sessions are priceless as I am very grateful for the time he spent with me and for providing me with solutions that I will be using years to come as my businesses become successful.


Legal Professional, Brampton



I met Michael Bury when I had recently started a private legal practice and was struggling to build a solid foundation for my practice. I needed a proven expert to give me the tools and resources necessary to make my new business thrive, grow and remain in compliance with the Law Society’s set standards.  Michael gave me practical advice concerning practice management, networking, attainable goals setting, cost effective marketing and several other tips needed in running an effective legal business.  We devised a strategy which I began to implement after our first meeting.  After just one coaching session, I could see the immediate measurable impact on my business. The marketing advice did not only save me money but also brought new clients to my firm far surpassing my expectations. After five coaching sessions, I had so much confidence in my abilities that it felt like I was a veteran in the legal field.  My business has also continued to thrive using the business models and structures designed by Michael. He gave me practical advice and steps that I could take immediately and it has yielded amazing results. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the coaching and support of Michael. All thanks to Blue Pond Coaching.


Legal Professional, Barrie



I met Michael Bury when I was stuck in a dead-end job.  Michael gave me practical advice concerning networking, job search skills and revising my CV to make it more appealing to prospective employers.  We devised a strategy which I began to implement immediately after our meeting.  After one coaching session, I had two interviews.  One materialized into a new, better position.  I don't think I would have had those interviews if I hadn't met with Michael.  He gave me practical advice and steps that I could take immediately."


Legal Professional, Toronto



From our first session, I knew Michael was the right coach to get me back on track because he took the time to listen to me and to help me figure out what was holding me back.  Within one month under Michael's guidance, I was able to access a grant to help grow my business.  Without the coaching sessions, this would not have been achieved.  Michael encouraged me to start networking and knocking on doors again, something, I had stopped doing after going through a devastating job loss.  I am now able to afford to advertise my business, pay myself a salary, and I am back on track with other goals I want to achieve for my business. I would recommend Michael to anyone who is looking for a career change or needs help getting their business off the ground.  Not only does Michael listen to you, but he is able to develop strategies on how to generate an income that are personally tailored for you.


Legal Professional, Toronto